Erica Delaney

"I had Erica’s help when my triplets were newborns. I can’t say enough how helpful it was to have Erica work with our family. She was willing to do whatever task was necessary and was not intimidated by three crying babies! I loved her company and encouraging manner. Erica has a lovely warmth to her and clearly cares for the families she works with. I will never forget her or that help she provided in one of the most challenging periods of our family’s life.

/  abigail  /


"I am a mother of three, two boys and a baby girl. My oldest is 4, my middle child is 2 and my daughter is now 7 months old. My middle child has always been a 'mommies boy' and does not warm up to people quickly. Erica was able to gain his trust in a very short period of time. This helped me more than I can ever say because at that point she was able to care for him and my oldest while I tended to my daughter. I never had to ask for her to do anything, she saw things that needed to be done and just did them. When I needed 5 minutes to just go take a shower or 30 minutes to catch a quick nap after a long night she was there to take my daughter as well. Having her there made the whole experience of bringing baby home go so smoothly. She really is amazing!

/ susanne  /


"Erica was a huge help in my postpartum journey. Her kind heart and encouragement helped me get through some very rough days. She has a servant heart and is always ready to jump in and help relieve the pressure of life with a newborn. She even went above and beyond coming to work events to help me watch my daughter. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help adjusting to the crazy adventure that is parenthood!

/ Miranda  /