Kinfolk Doula's Top 5 Babywearing Options!

If you saw my latest Instagram story and post about babywearing (@kinfolk.doula), you will know I am a HUGE fan! Babywearing is an awesome option for a few reasons. As if having your baby snuggled close to you WHILE having your hands free isn’t reason enough, here are some of the great benefits that come along with babywearing!

  1. Babywearing helps with development. Worn babies are closer to people and can learn languages faster, study facial expressions and become familiar with body language.

  2. Babywearing can calm a colicky baby. Keeping the baby in an upright position & close to mom or dad can help calm their symptoms & have a soothing effect.

  3. Babywearing can improve your baby’s quality of sleep. Studies have shown that worn babies can cry up to 51% less, which helps them get better extended sleep.

  4. Babywearing can be a great opportunity for skin to skin contact for all babies, but especially preemies! Skin to skin is a vital part of helping a premature baby gain weight!

  5. Babywearing can help with Postnatal Depression. There are studies that show that mother’s may feel less guilty about their condition if they practice babywearing.

Babywearing must seem pretty great now, hey? But with all of the babywearing options out there (carriers, ring sling’s, wraps, etc) where are you to start with narrowing down which one is right for you? In hopes of helping narrow down some great brands and styles, here are my TOP 5 FAVOURITE BABYWEARING OPTIONS! (and yes, I have tried them all, plus others!)

1. Solly Baby

2. Storchenwiege

4. Baby Bjorn

5. Sakura Bloom

And there you go! If you have questions or would like to have me help you in your postpartum period, press the ‘Let’s Chat’ button at the top of the page!

Have a great weekend!

Erica, xo

Erica Delaney